FREE Digital Media & Photography Workshop

FREE Digital Media & Photography Workshop

As part of Cabramatta Plaza’s ‘Food Makes Miso Happy’ campaign, we are hosting our very first FREE Digital Media & Photography Workshop!

The workshop will be run by Killian Pham.

Killian has over eight years experience in creative arts, he has spent a career crafting and collaborating with some of the world’s leading brands including Facebook, Hyundai, B&T, Netflix, Buzzfeed, Universal Studios and Nespresso.

He is also APAC Instagram’s go-to person for Instagram community management and as a 2016 Facebook guest speaker, he strives to create a work culture that values the individual experience above all else at his creative agency; If & When Social.

Here’s a preview of what the workshop will cover:

    • How to frame and compose images using a camera or phone
    • How to style and light the scene
    • How to use various apps and software to edit the image
    • How to use and the importance of the ‘human element’ in content
    • How to effectively use social media to share and market your work

Event Date: Saturday 12th December 2020

Event Time: 10 AM to 12 PM

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