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Easy Summer Recipes

School’s out and what more fun would it be to create easy yummy and appetizing recipes at home to enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner just by yourself or the entire family!

We’ve curated some of the best recipes, all of which ingredients can be found at your favourite local.

Prawn Spring Rolls:

To start off and get warmed up, these easy-peasy Prawn Spring Rolls take no more than 10 minutes to prepare. Supervision would be required for our young chefs as hot oil is involved!

Find the best and freshest ingredients at Supermarket or Woolworths.

Crunchy Apple Avocados:

Next up we have Crunchy Apple Avocados. This super easy and healthy recipe can be enjoyed for brekkie or as a snack to get you through the day or even as a salad!

Find everything you need to for this recipe at Woolworths.

Rice Paper Rolls:

Practised your hand with our first recipe? Then this one is for you! These delicious and healthy Rice Paper Rolls take a total of 15 minutes to prepare and just screams summer freshness. To make a veggie/ vegan option, substitute shredded chicken with your seasoned tofu of choice.

Find everything you need to for this recipe at Supermarket or Woolworths.

Berry Punch:

It ain’t summer without a refreshing cool drink! This Berry Punch is all you need to quench that summer thirst and get you through those warmer days.

Find all that you need at Woolworths.

*Recipes are not our own and can be found at Australia’s Best Recipes.